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  • Seiko Watches for Mens : Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch
    Those who have put on the Map Meter watch on their wrists for a while couldn’t get off this big and thick, outstanding field equipment. Obviously, this is not the crowd to whom thickness is an issue. Right from the first, the Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch impresses; it grows into fondness within no time.
  • Seiko Watches for Mens : Seiko Astron High-Intensity Titanium SBXA003/SAST003 Watch
    [caption id="attachment_106" align="alignright" width="329" caption="Seiko Astron"][/caption] The single aspect that makes the Seiko Astron win over the rest in the watch domain is it understands the time zones. That’s correct, travel anywhere in the world and you are freed from the burden of setting the time manually; you don’t even need
  • Seiko Watches for Mens : Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels SNK299K1 SNK299K Mens Watch
    It’s quite tough to understand the Seiko 5 legacy without knowing the history of the 5-series. The official Seiko 5 website speaks about it, so no need to go on with it here in details; just know for now that Seiko 5 is considered a standard in performance, reliability and lasting. Most of the Seiko 5 owners have not yet looked under the case bac
  • Seiko Watches for Mens : Grand Seiko Automatic 72 Hours SBGR071 Mens Watch
    Either you hold the word Grand Seiko in high regard or it means nothing to you. There’s no in-between for this true, hidden gem of the horological Universe. It’s the choice of the astute; the GS represents an unwavering dedication to precision craftsmanship and higher-end artistic ability. The Grand Seiko collection is popular for many differen